Garage doors are most likely the largest moving entities in your residential or even commercial settings. Normally double-car garage doors can measure 16 by 7 and carry a weight of almost 400 pounds. Therefore maintenance and structural integrity of your garage doors are of utmost importance. If proper maintenance is done, a garage door can sustain 3 decades easily. However, a poorly maintained door can decay and reaches the point of replacement if not taken care of. 

It can jeopardize the security of your residence or office and your peace of mind as well. Timely maintenance can save you from the heavy costs of replacements later on and preserve your peace of mind. You need to act immediately once you come across a problem with a broken garage door and always hire a credible garage door repair service that ensures that you get what you paid for. 

Which Factors Impact the Cost of Garage Door Repair Service?

There are several factors including size, material, and type of garage door that determine the cost its repair can incur. Furthermore, it depends on the problem as well. Let’s first discuss the kind of problems related to garage door repairs:

Garage doors have multiple parts that may require repairs ranging from springs to sensors, keypads to remotes. We will discuss the problems incurred by these and how much each of these can cost. A more commonly asked question is how much a garage door repair costs. However, there is no single answer to the question. It can start from 100 dollars for a simple repair and reaches up to 300/400$ depending upon the parts needed. A garage door replacement on the other hand starts from 300$ and goes up depending on the structure.

We prepared this guide so you don’t need to take a day off from work to have a market survey by consulting price ranges with various garage door repair services. You can read it and have an idea about the ranges for various fixings it might require. 

Garage Door Opener Replacement Cost

The garage door opener is the motor that automatically opens and closes the garage door. Chain drive garage door openers tend to be more affordable and easy to use whereas belt-driven openers are more expensive but a lot quieter. A screw-driven opener is conveniently used too, however, generates a lot of noise as well. 

Chain-driven ones cost around 150-200$ whereas a belt-driven one is priced above 250$. Installation cost is not included. 

Garage Door Cable Replacement and Cost

Have you noticed your garage door falling or bouncing back suddenly? Seems dangerous right? The reason is broken or damaged garage door cables. This issue needs to be fixed immediately before it becomes a peril for you. An aging cable might be a culprit. Eventually, it can drop down or fails to shut off completely. Both are dangerous scenarios. 

Garage door cable repair or replacement costs starts from 80$. 

Garage Door Torsion Repair or Replacement Cost

If you hear your garage door spring snapping it’s a tell-tale sign that you need to take care of it before the second spring snaps. It can be pretty dangerous and harmful to practice negligence. The only way out is to get professional service for your garage door torsion spring. If one spring fails then be cautious to get both of them checked. It would save you the cost of two visits. Because if one spring is failing, there is a high chance the second is about to fall too. Get them both repaired before they create any problems. 

Since torsion springs are directly ordered from manufacturers, the cost of a single spring is from 40$ to 100$ and 80$ to 200$ for two of them. With installation charges, it comes to around 170$.

Garage Door Keypad Installation Cost

It’s pretty tricky. With installation, it comes to around $89. However, a keypad alone costs 60$. We keep the installation costs minimal if you choose to hire a master lift service. We believe in providing the best value for your money. 

How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Service near You?

When it comes to quality and guarantee over labor and parts used then Masterlift has got your back. It’s super easy and convenient to call and book our service. We offer prompt responses the day you call us. Our service is affordable, and our highly-skilled, vetted staff leaves you satisfied with the quality of service delivered. 

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