Parking your car inside your garage and storing other important stuff in there gives you a sense of safety and convenience. Garage doors work as a great source of ease for homeowners until they start acting up. The most common issue most homeowners face with their garage door is with the opener. The most common troubles with your garage door opener include a damaged keypad for the opener, a faulty opener remote, or the garage door isn’t opening or closing properly. If you are struggling with the same issues and worried about the cost to fix things up, here is all that you need to know!

Going DIY VS Professional Garage Door Opener Repair

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Garage doors are pretty much unappreciated until the door starts malfunctioning. When the garage doors drop down too fast, it takes extra time to open up, or the keypad isn’t functioning as it should, you know the opener is out of order. However, knowing that doesn’t make you a pro at repairing the issue as well.  You may feel tempted to fix it yourself, but it won’t save you the money you thought it would. Instead, you can end up in more trouble.

Garage doors consist of so many parts that it is hard for a homeowner with little technical knowledge to distinguish between each. If you are not used to DIY repairs, do not try to put your hands on things you aren’t aware of. Garage door repair companies are always available to help you.  Their pro technicians will come prepared with all the necessary tools and replacement parts needed.

Garage Door Opener Repair Costs

A damaged garage door opener can affect the overall functionality of your garage door. Timely repairs are the only way to get rid of the inconvenience. On average, garage door opener repair can cost you $222. The cost can vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of garage door. Typically, homeowners pay between $50 $550 for repairing their garage door openers. If the opener has damped to an irreparable extent, the replacement cost of the opener can differ from the cost of repair.

The above-mentioned average cost shows us the low and high end of the opener repair that is dependent on the type of issue. If you need a new remote for the opener or the keypad to be fixed, it can cost you as low as $30 to $60.

Garage Opener Wiring Cost

If you are dealing with a wire breakage or any other wiring issue with the garage door opener, it can cost you around $50 to $100. Professional electricians can also help you with the problem, but it is better to let a garage door expert handle it. The wiring of most openers is not complicated, but they add to the total cost of the overall repair.

Smart Garage Door Opener Repair Cost

Garage door cables help the garage door to lift. They are attached to the bottom bracket and then around the extension springs for smooth operation. Cables undergo severe tension while the garage door is opened and closed. If the cables are broken, loosened, or damaged, replacement is the only way out. The average cost for new garage door cables ranges between $15 and $30. The total replacement cost for your garage door cable can be anywhere between $90 and $115.

Garage Door Sensor Replacement Cost

Sensors are designed to prevent any accident that mostly happens when you have automatic garage doors. Garage door accidents can create serious damage, including severe injuries and even loss of life. It is advisable to go for a replacement if the sensor isn’t working. The cost can range anywhere between $150 and $200.

Garage Door Cable Repair Cost

The most common issues you may face with your garage door cable include slipping off the drum, breaking, and getting loose on the tracks. The cost to repair these issues can be from $100 to $350.

Garage Door Opener Replacement Cost

If your garage door opener cannot be repaired, the replacement cost will be around $250 to $600.

Save Money By Hiring Professionals

You may think that minor damages to your garage doors are easily repairable. People with some technical skills will want to save the cost by troubleshooting the problem by themselves. However, hiring a Master Lift professional is a more affordable way!

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