The garage door springs is one of the most important part of the garage door system.  It’s what helps carry the load, your garage door, that is.  It makes the door light enough for you, or a garage door opener, to easily lift up or pull down.

So when do you need to replace your garage door spring?  

On the average, a regular garage door spring can Iast up to 5 to 7 years.  It is fairly reliable and so when something goes wrong, it usually means it’s broken and needs to be replaced.

If your garage door opener is making noisy sounds, the door load might be too heavy for it.  This would be an indication that your spring broke and needs to be replaced.

SAFETY REMINDER: Remember to always keep your garage door closed until you’ve replaced your spring, to avoid accidents as the door might come crashing down if left open and unlocked.

What are the types of springs?

There are two types of springs:

  • The torsion spring is heavy duty and runs parallel to the ground, above the door head. It is safer because it runs on a metal rod which keeps the spring intact when it breaks, instead of dangerously whiplashing around.  Thus, it is usually the preferred type.  Although it might be hard to replace it by yourself if you don’t know how to safely unwind such a high tension spring.

If you only have a single spring, you might want to consider changing to a double spring system for added convenience and safety, especially if you have a big door or a double car garage door.  Unless you are quite the handyman, it is best to get professional help when you replace a torsion spring.

  • In contrast, extension springs are easier to install, and runs above the tracks and perpendicular to the door. When a garage door is fully open, the extension’s spring almost has no tension, making it easier to replace and install.

Extension springs can be very dangerous when it breaks, as, without a safety cable inside, it is like a whip that can cause serious injury.

New extension springs now come with safety cables inside.  And if you don’t have them, it is a good chance to install safety cables when you replace your springs.

  • If you already have a double spring system, it is a good idea to replace both springs if one of them breaks, as the lifespan is generally the same and if one breaks, the other will likely be next.

Do It Yourself or Hire A Pro?

Working with springs and heavy doors is in itself potentially dangerous, and you have to do it the right way and in a safe manner.

Replacing torsion springs are typically left to the professionals.  You need to get the correct sizing of the springs and the proper way to unwind and replace the spring.

But if you have adequate handyman skills and know-how of the procedure and mechanism, as well as the correct tools on hand, you can change either type of garage door spring.

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