Are you ready to invest in your dream garage door?  You’ve been suffering malfunctions, and your old garage door definitely needs to be retired.  Then it’s about time you should seriously consider upgrading your entire garage system as well.

It is considered a high investment, but choose wisely and it will be a worthy one.  Here are some things to consider when replacing your garage doors.

  1. Choose your garage door replacement company.
  • It is important that you get the services of a reliable company. A lot of garage system issues can be easily fixed by them, and they can give you advice on the best options and choices. And if you’re looking into replacing your garage door, it is worth the money to get professional service that can get the job done faster and better.
  • Make sure you discuss your options well with them, especially what you expect and your preferred designs and features.
  1. Find the perfect garage door that suits your style and needs.
  • Go for lightweight steel door, avoid heavy wooden doors. It puts less stress in your garage system and is easier to maintain.  If you prefer the look of wood, you can opt for a wood-grain finish.
  • Use modern technology to choose designs that go best with your garage, or consult your garage door company. Most manufacturers now use online software where you can upload a photo of your garage and you get to choose from their wide range of models and designs, from the color, finish, make or style to additional features like windows.

Never buy online or over the phone, though.  A good company would have an able salesperson assist you in choosing the perfect door for your garage and getting the right specifications.

  • It is best to get the insulated, dent-resistant and pinch-resistant garage door.

An insulated door keeps your garage warm during cold days and would save you energy, so it’s a good idea if you usually stay in your garage.  It also absorbs vibration to lessen stress on your system, and minimizes dents and thus future repairs.

Getting a thicker dent-resistant door, especially if you’re not opting for an insulated one, would also save you money in the long run.

Consult your garage door company for a price quote with these safety and added features.

  1. Invest on the latest garage opener.
  • The latest garage door opener has auto-reverse and photoelectric eyes. If you’re still using the old model, you might want to change your garage opener as well.

These safety features stop the door from closing and automatically reverse it, once the sensors detect that there is something blocking or is along the door’s path.

  1. Be on the safe side, get high quality spring.
  • Choose a weather-resistant spring to prevent corrosion and friction.
  • If you have a big or a double garage door, consider installing a double spring system.
  • Use a higher rated spring with 25,000 to 50,000 cycles which would typically last for decades, instead of the average 5,000 to 10,000 cycles with a lifespan of 5 to 7 years.
  • These investments would save you a lot of money, time and effort in the future.
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