replace the garage door

Let’s admit it.  The garage is one of the most used parts of your home.  The garage door is opened and closed far more often than any other door in your house.  From your children’s play area, to your handyman workroom, storage area and car park, the garage can have a multitude of use.

It goes without saying that everyone needs to feel safe and everything needs to be in good working condition in the garage.  And one of the things we need to pay attention to is the condition of your garage door.

It’s the one part of the garage that has the most and wear and tear, and it is good practice to have an annual check up, fine tune it, and need be, replace it.  So, how do we go about it, and when do we need to hire professional help for its installation?

Here’s a checklist of what a safe garage door is.  If it doesn’t meet some of these standards, you might want to consider changing it and getting the services of a garage door installation company.

  1. All parts are in good working condition, securely mounted, properly balanced and moving smoothly, lubricated and show no sign of wear and tear. Check the roller tracks, springs, cables, pulleys and mounting brackets. A word of caution though, unless you’re an above the average handyman and you have the right tools, do not make any adjustments to the springs, especially if your garage uses a torsion spring which have high tension.


  1. Talking about springs and containment cables, consider the one that you are currently using. There are two types of springs: the single torsion spring overhead, or the extension springs on both sides of the door, above upper roller track.  The torsion spring is quieter and safer because it has a container cable in the center that lessens the risk of the spring dangerously whiplashing when it breaks.  Side-mounted extension springs are easier to install, and do not require much space, and new models now come with containment cables as well.


  1. If you need to replace your old wooden garage door, consider changing to its lightweight steel counterpart. It is almost half the weight and does not put much strain on your springs.  Consult with your garage door installation company about other cost features as well; like windows, insulation and tensioning systems.  If you prefer the look of wood, you can even opt for embossed steel with wood grain design.  Garage door installation is an investment, make sure everything is clear and that you have fully considered your options.


  1. A common garage door accident is injured hands or fingers, caught as the door opens or closes. When installing your garage door, look for those with pinch-resistant section or panels.


  1. When changing doors, change your old door opener as well. New models now have the auto-reverse and photoelectric eye safety mechanisms installed near the floor on both sides of the door.  If something blocks the path as the door closes, the door will automatically reverse.

A good garage can last you for several years, or even decades so choose wisely, plan carefully.

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