Master Lift provides all types of repair services for garage doors regardless of their brand and model. We have been shining in Florida since we came into existence. Our motive has been quite simple: to provide Miami’s best garage door repair service. 

Garage doors are the main part of the house; hence, if they malfunction, that moment can become frustrating. It can hinder your routine work and activities unless an experienced and certified technician comes to rescue you from this situation. And that technician can be from Master Lift as we offer supreme garage door repair services at your doorstep. 



How do we troubleshoot your garage door?

Master Lift is well known in Florida and is always ahead of its competitors. Without making anything complex, we always look for easy solutions. A problematic garage door can cause a lot of problems for you. Hence, we follow simple methods for troubleshooting that can benefit you in terms of saving costs. The maintenance procedures are straightforward and can be easily done by any individual. 

The first things we look for are the rollers and tracks. If they haven’t been lubricated, that may be the reason for preventing the door from moving freely. We use a simple brush, soak into oil and apply it over the rollers and the track. 

The other problem that usually arises is a noisy overhead door. This happens during the winters, when ice has formed, preventing the mechanism from working smoothly. However, don’t push the door button if you visually see the ice formed over it. To cater to it, we use a hairdryer or a blower to melt the ice, and once it’s done, the garage door opens without any hiccup. Taking precautions before doing anything helps us resolve the problem easily. 

Metal tracks are a path on which rollers rotate and make the garage door work. If the tracks are loose, tightening the bolts can fix it and make it work back again. Moreover, we also look for dents on the tracks; replacing them has always been our priority. 

The overhead door has hinges, brackets, and other parts attached to it; we always tighten them periodically to avoid malfunctioning. Our technicians look for minute problems that amateur technicians overlook. Even the minute problem can increase the longevity of the overhead door. 

These basic problems rose over time and can be fixed by calling us. Since our technicians are highly skilled, they do all troubleshooting with utmost ease. However, even if following these methods can’t resolve your issue, then you may need a replacement of your garage door.  

Why Choose Us?

Master Lift is a well-known brand that has expertise in providing premium garage door repair services at your doorstep in Florida. As we are the best, we have recruited one of the best technicians with years of experience under their belt. Moreover, our technicians have gone through tough training and assessment phases, making them matchless in the market. 

Since we came into being, we have always maintained our quality and are always aiming to be even better. We use specialized tools to make our work efficient and save our customers’ time. Moreover, our technicians diagnose the problems, inspect the cause carefully, and resolve them with easy solutions. 

Under our repair services, we cater to broken cables, problematic rollers, tracks, sections, and panel replacements. Besides replacements, we offer deep inspection services as well. 


Many people prefer services that are offered at economical rates. Most companies take advantage of this situation and provide awful services instead. But Master Lift in Florida is very particular about it. We have always aimed to provide quality services at affordable rates. Moreover, we do periodic checks on our technicians to ensure that we do not compromise quality. 

Trained and Certified staff

Trained and certified staff is the backbone of a company. Hence, we have the finest staff in Florida at your disposal. They have years of experience and are simply unbeatable. Moreover, as the technology evolves, so does the overhead doors’ mechanism. We are continuously training our technicians to perform all types of repairs regardless of their make and model. 

Behind every particular repair task, technicians require experience and cutting-edge tools. And that is what we have under us. 

Customer Satisfaction

Every garage door company has different motives which they work on to progress forward. We have confined ourselves to our customer’s satisfaction only. Putting a smile on their faces has been our motivation. And this factor has made us shine over the horizon. Moreover, our technicians work with extreme enthusiasm and utmost dedication to perform all the tasks perfectly.