Overhead doors are mostly underestimated, which is why their maintenance is often overseen. These doors are primarily used in commercial areas. However, they have gained a lot of popularity in the residential premises. Overhead garage doors are not only limited to provide access to people and vehicles. They secure your commercial space along with giving space for loading and unloading bulk orders. 

If you want to keep all your focus on your business, you must attend to the overhead garage door repair needs as soon as the issue occurs. For that, you need an expert garage door and overhead door repair company that takes minor repair tasks as seriously as major repairs. Garage Door Services of Master lift is the one-stop solution for all your overhead door needs. We offer brilliant repair services so that your business continues to shine.

What Is An Overhead Door

Overhead doors are mostly used in commercial areas such as warehouses, industrial spaces, factories, buildings, and shops. These doors are designed to rotate on a horizontal axis. The door opens horizontally with the help of a garage door opener by a curved arm. When the opener’s motor directs the movement of the door for opening or closing, it uses the torsion and extension springs for a steady motion. 

There are different types of overhead doors, including sectional doors, security grills, roll-up doors, and fire doors. Overhead doors can be made from various materials such as steel, aluminum, and more. They come in different sizes and shapes, but we can repair them all. Just search for overhead door repair near you in Florida, and let us help you.

How Maser Life Professionals Repair Overhead Doors

We are the best overhead door company repairing any type of garage door for the last 8 years. We hire local garage door repair technicians skilled to the core, which is why all our projects end up flawlessly. We don’t leave any loopholes when you hire us for commercial overhead door repair. Whether you need overhead door opener repair or overhead door parts, we’ve got you covered. We are a licensed and insured overhead door repair company approved and rated by Home Advisor that shows how dependable our services are. No matter how complicated the task is, we can repair any type of overhead door with the help of our years of experience and up-to-date tools.

Quality Workmanship At Reasonable Rates

Get ready to experience the repair services that you deserve. Our highly-trained staff is serving multiple areas in Florida. No matter where you live, we have free overhead door repair estimates for everyone. Just call us and let us know your location. Don’t worry about the charges because we are known for our affordable overhead door repair services. Hit us up anytime for emergency repair because we are available 24-hours, 7 days a week.

Why Hire Us

Master Lift Garage Door Services is where all garage doors come back to life. Our promise to make your overhead doors functional again never goes unfulfilled. Along with that, here are some convincing reasons to consider us for any type of garage door services:

We are available round the clock to cater to your overhead door needs because we know emergencies can occur at any time. Don’t hesitate to call us at 954-516-1994 whenever you need professional assistance.