Whether you have a mechanical system or an electronically operated model, your garage door, like all types of machinery would require regular tune-ups to keep it functioning at its best. Even the best and most advanced garage door system can be affected over time with constant use and exposure to elements and would require a garage door tune-up. It is recommended that you give your garage door a tune-up at least once a year.

An annual tune-up helps ensure reliable and silent operation of your garage door. It’s also a good security measure for your home.

Basic Garage Door Tune-Up Procedures

You can definitely inspect your garage door on your own before you seek the help of a technician. But remember to keep your safety in mind first.

Power it down before doing anything and make sure that its electrical components are disconnected. This will prevent it from accidentally turning on or moving while you are working. You can inspect for obvious issues by looking at key parts of your garage door system such as the rollers and weather stripping. Check if they are intact and if the sealant around the door is pliable. If you notice any issues with these parts, it might be time to replace them.

You should pay special attention to the weather stripping if there is any damage under a steel garage door. It can affect how the door closes.

You may also have to lubricate rollers with a WD-40 to get it running smoothly again. If your rollers are rubber or vinyl, you would have to use an appropriate alternative to lubricate them. Check for misaligned bars which is a common garage door problem. It can create problems in the locking system of your garage door and will cause the tracks to not slide the lock bars properly on the track.

Tune-Up Services

If you are not able to detect any obvious problems with your garage door and it still does not function as it should, it is time to seek the help of a professional.

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