Repairing your garage door springs often involves a complete replacement of the springs. Your garage door springs will continue to function until there comes a time that they fail completely and at this point, they will break. Springs are part of your entire garage door and not just the garage door opener. They make it easier for the door to go up and down. Springs last a long time but they will eventually weaken due to heavy lifting and weather changes which lead to breakage.

The process of a garage door springs repair depends on the type of springs of your garage door. You may need the help of a professional garage door technician to do the replacement.

How to Check for a Broken Garage Door Spring

Most people are not aware that their garage door spring has broken until the door stops lifting or the automatic door opener starts making loud noises. If it’s not working smoothly, it may time for a garage door springs repair.

Garage doors are quite heavy and when one or two springs break, it will affect the system heavily. They usually break when they become fully stretched or twisted due to tension. You may hear a sound like a gunshot if you happen to be around when this happens.

As a safety precaution, if you suspect that you have a broken garage door spring, do not disconnect the opener from the door. Do not pull the red emergency release handle while the door is open because the door could crash down.

Garage Door Springs Replacement

It is best to leave the garage door springs repair and garage door springs replacement to the professionals. Though the procedures seem simple, they involve many steps that are highly technical and needs to be done in the correct order. It’s also critical that you get the proper size and it may be difficult to work with larger and heavier springs.

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Give us a call to receive an estimate of your garage door springs replacement and our technician will professionally assess the type of replacement that you need.