Spring is an important part of a garage door’s mechanism. Hence, it plays a vital role in the smooth opening and closing. Countless reasons can make a spring break, and you can’t avoid it unless you replace it altogether. It would help if you did not ignore the spring repairs as they may cause further damage to the mechanism. 


Our Garage Door Spring Services

For your convenience, Master Lift takes pride in providing spring repair services at your doorstep. No matter where you are in Florida, our technicians will get to you in no time. The process of replacing springs from a garage door is complex, and we strictly prohibit doing it on your own. As we are concerned about our client’s safety, our professional technicians can replace them for you. 

Apart from spring repairs, we offer other services related to commercial and residential garage doors. They include tune-ups, installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs for all types of overhead doors. Since we provide services at reasonable rates, we have kept our quality standards high, which has made us incomparable.

Our Technical Staff

We are matchless in the state of Florida, and our technicians have replaced countless garage door springs regardless of the make and model. We have equipped our technical staff with state-of-the-art tools which make their work smooth and efficient. Moreover, they are certified and have years of experience under their belt. They have proved their worth over the years and are craving more challenges. 

Master Lift has recruited one of the finest technicians in the region of Florida. We hire them and train them to be the best at their jobs. Their main motive is to resolve the problems at the earliest, which is what they’re good at. 

Reasons for Spring Failure

One of the main reasons for a spring to break is due to heavy stresses over a period of time. The springs might break without any notice while operating, and the garage door will cease to operate. Furthermore, the other reasons behind the spring failures are the harsh environmental conditions, lack of lubrication, and spring working expiry. They last longer than the other parts in the garage door, but still, every device needs replacement at some part of the time. 

How We Check for a Broken Garage Door Spring

Most people in Florida are unaware that their garage door spring has broken until the door stops lifting or the automatic door opener starts making loud noises. For obvious reasons, if it is making loud noises, then without a hiccup, our technicians will see if the springs are working or not. If they’re not working, they will replace the springs at the earliest. And we guarantee you the garage door will work perfectly after it. 

As there are multiple springs in the garage door mechanism, they affect the whole system if one or two fails. They usually break when under extreme force, either in a fully compressed or stretched position. If you a near it, you may experience a loud bang sound similar to a gunshot when they break. 


Affordability is the main thing every customer looks at. One main reason for Master Lift’s success in Florida is that we provide garage door installation services at affordable rates. We are deeply concerned about our customer’s pockets. So we have made our services around customers satisfaction