Garage doors have a very simple functionality. They roll up and down until there comes a time when you are suddenly faced with one that just wouldn’t work. It’s highly frustrating but worst of all, it could affect your activities for the day knowing your home is vulnerable with a faulty garage door. The great news is that they make for very simple repairs and Master Lift offers a highly reliable garage door repair service.


How to Repair a Garage Door

Most of the time, when a garage door starts malfunctioning, it’s a sign that you need to do some necessary maintenance procedures. So, before you panic, you can try a few simple repairs.


You need to check on the garage door rollers and tracks. If you have not touched them in a while, now is a good time to give them a good brushing and apply some lubricant after.


If it’s a noisy garage door, you might need to replace some parts. Garage doors could also freeze during the winter and instead of hitting the garage door button again and again, causing bigger problems, you could use a hair dryer to melt the ice that’s been stuck between the door and the floor.


You will need to check the metal tracks inside and see if they are loose. Sometimes, you just need to tighten the bolts or put the screws back in the brackets. Look for dents and flat spots, and replace the tracks when necessary. You should also look for loose hardware, check the plates on swing-up doors, or the hinges on roll up doors.


These are just some of the basic troubleshooting steps that you can do in case of a garage door malfunction.


Master Lift Garage Door Repair

Master Lift provides comprehensive solutions for garage door issues including garage door repair services at Florida. We have a team of highly qualified professional garage door technicians who will do a thorough inspection of your garage door and advise you of the best solution for the problem. Our technician will diagnose the problem and identify which parts need replacing or if all it needs is a simple troubleshooting.


We provide a wide variety of garage door repair service to get your garage door back in operation. Our repairs include broken garage door cables, faulty, bent or broken rollers, misaligned tracks, section and panel replacements, as well as safety inspections.


Call Master Lift to get a technician to check your garage door.