garage door repair

Let’s talk about your garage.  One day it just got stuck midway.  You’ve done a preliminary check with the emergency release cord and found there’s nothing wrong with the door itself.  So it must be the door opener.

There can be a lot of other scenarios where a faulty door opener is the culprit.  You might ask yourself if you’d need to shell out serious cash to have it replaced or fixed by a professional.

Good thing though, you can fix most of common problems yourself.  Here are some quick hacks:

  1. Check to see that you’re getting power to your door opener and sensors.
    • Try plugging and unplugging the power outlet to reset the sensors as well.
    • If it does not work, plug another electronic gadget to the same outlet to check if it is an outlet problem.
    • Reset the breaker switch or replace burnt fuse, especially if other electrical circuits in the garage is also not working.
    • Check the LED light of sensors and button switch. If it’s not lighted, check that the wires on the opener are not loose.
    • Check the remote and keypad batteries; you might need to change it.


  1. Inspect your sensors. It is located on each side panels, above the floor.  Sensors are safety devices that reverse or stop a closing door if it detects that someone or something is along the door’s path.
    • Check if anything is blocking the sensors’ path or line of sight. Make sure the area around the sensors is clutter free.
    • Clean the sensors as well, and it should be aligned and pointed straight across each other.
    • To test if something is actually wrong, block the sensor’s eyes. You should not be able to close the door using the switch, and warning overhead lights will flash, but you can press long on the button to override this.  You can also check your user manual how to override the sensor.  If it still does not work, then it might be a sensor problem.


  1. Check if your garage switch is on lock mode or status. You might accidentally have locked it when you press and hold on the button, in which case the remote will not work at all.  If it is locked, just press and hold again to unlock.  You may also check your user manual how to unlock it.


  1. Unplug opener, remove the cover and inspect your door opener.
    • Check if the wires are all good, they might need soldering.
    • Check if there are LED bulbs around, it creates frequency interference and might affect your opener’s performance.
    • If your area experience lightning storms and power surges, the main board might be fried and needs to be replaced.
    • Check the physical condition of the capacitor if it needs to be replaced, like if it’s bulging or leaking.
    • Check the roller, chain, sprocket and metal shaft for serious wear and tear. Make sure it’s not too loose or too tight.

If all else fails and these quick checks do not seem to work, call for a professional garage repair services.